Cody Zulinski
July 31, 2020

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Petition to Fix Bill 197 (Veto Power Over Environmental Assessments)

We’re blown away by the outcry on Bill 197, which gives Doug Ford a veto power over environmental assessments.

7,500 people signed our petition, but Ford still passed Bill 197 last week.

In doing so, he didn’t just weaken environmental laws.

He actually broke them.

Fix Bill 197

That’s because there is an Environmental Bill of Rights in Ontario.

It places a legal responsibility on the government to consult with the public for 30 days before proceeding with any proposal that could harm the environment.

Ford missed this legal step when he fast-tracked Bill 197.

The Auditor General says the legislation “does not comply with the law.”

Indigenous groups like the Fort Albany First Nation are calling foul due to the failure to consult.

This isn’t the first time Doug Ford has used these illegal tactics.

He did the exact same thing to quickly cancel carbon pricing, and the courts found him guilty.

Doug Ford broke the law.

Greens won’t stay quiet.

Mike Schreiner won’t stay quiet.

We hope you won’t say quiet.

Sign our letter to Fix Bill 197.